Utility Scams — be informed and vigilant!

Hi, Neighbors –

We want to make sure you’re aware of some common utility scams making their way around town as of late. The first is a door-to-door scam with someone posing as an OUC employee requesting access to homes to conduct water quality tests. Please keep in mind that an OUC representative will never request unscheduled access to a home without an appointment. And, OUC employees always carry proper OUC identification, wear uniforms, and drive OUC-marked vehicles.

The second is a phone scam where an individual claiming to be from OUC threatens disconnection unless an immediate payment is made over the phone. OUC will never request personal information like social security numbers, credit card numbers or banking information over the phone or email.

If you receive a suspicious home visit, call, email or any other communication from someone claiming to be from OUC to request personal information or home access, we strongly encourage you not to respond. If you question the legitimacy of a communication or visit, please contact OUC directly at 407-423-9018 (Orlando/Orange County) or 407-957-7373 (St. Cloud/Osceola County). For more on common utility scams, visit ouc.com/scams.

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