Summer Crime Alert

School is out for the summer, so just like during Spring Break, and last summer, there will likely be a rise in criminal incidents due to the extra free time students will have. Of course, the big majority of students are law-abiding, but there are still unfortunately exceptions, which we need to protect against. This is just a reminder to stay alert in your neighborhoods.

• Keep cars locked if you park in the driveway
• Don’t leave your garage door openers in your car
• Don’t leave valuables in your car
• Try not to leave garage doors open during the day or at night for long periods of time.
• Lock your house doors
• Set your alarms
• Be aware of potential door to door scams
• Report any suspicious behavior (If you feel safe enough, try to take pictures or video from your phone of those cars and license plates)

*The best offense is a good defense!

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