June 11, 2020

Hello FWC residents and friends,

As the President of the HOA, I am writing to thank you for what you have done to support our beautiful community, and to introduce you to the incoming HOA Board.

We have accomplished so much within the last two years. I am proud to be a resident of FWC and so pleased to have received your support.

There is still work to be done. Our annual meeting will take place on June 24, 2020. We will be introducing our dynamic new HOA Board.   Please remember to thank them when you see them out and about.

Joanne and myself will be retiring. Jason Ross  and Joyce  Holloway will be filling the vacancies.

We wish we could see all of you. Due to COVID-19, our next public meeting will take place via zoom. So ZOOM in and meet our new HOA Board.

It’s easy. The log on information for the zoom meeting is below.
*Please remember to mute your audio. We will only be limited to forty (40) minutes.

Thank you to all the volunteers for your time and efforts on the board over the last two years! Joanne Kostantinidis, Toni Sweeney, Michelle Richard, Jim Hays and  Kim Porteous.

Also, our ARB Committee are our unsung heroes!
Suzanne Mathews, Stina D’Uva & Waleed Manzoo (left a letter off of her name), have all been outstanding. I can’t thank you enough for your commitment.
Thank you!

A loud round of applause to John and Karen Redfield for paying for and managing our website and for Michelle Richard for our communication, distribution and managing the Next door App.

Check out
and Nextdoor/Fairway Cove to stay connected.

We are experiencing unprecedented times that are challenging. So we need all of great residents in FWC to help each other. Please, always check in with your neighbors and to observe closely anything that is going on in the community and to alert others.  Thank you for what you have already done to help someone.  From dropping off Lysol wipes to food.  Thank you.

Last but certainly not least, Gratitude and Appreciation to Lou Kabiener for rescuing a neighbors dog from an electrical fire!! A true Neighborhood Hero!

Here are some other reminders to keep calm and stay safe:

The 2020 Hurricane Season is here. So please prepare now!
Hurricane season runs from June 1st until November 30th.

A tropical storm or hurricane can develop within hours threatening the area.  During these months, take extra special precautions.
Stay tuned to local weather updates
Several weather services offer e-mail and text notifications for severe weather like
The following terms are used by weather forecasters
HURRICANE WATCH-A hurricane may strike our area within 48 hours.

HURRICANE WARNING-A hurricane may strike within 36 hours.

Please make sure that you send the board your cell to text you any alerts.

All residents are encouraged to develop a personal disaster preparedness plan before an emergency strikes.

The following internet links can aid you in further preparations:

EMERGENCY SUPPLY KIT Residents are urged to develop a disaster preparedness plan before emergency strikes. As part of your plan have an emergency supply kit ready. Be sure to have flashlight, battery operated radio, water and food supplies. A full list is available at:

INSURANCE Review your insurance policies to ensure you are fully covered. Inventory and take pictures of your apartment and valuables and store photos and documents in water proof container.

LOCAL PROTESTS/Riots/Road Closures
Again, during this difficult time please be aware of your surroundings.  Call ahead for early store closings or blocked streets.   Please continue watching out for your neighbors. Our diversity is what makes us so amazing. With faith, hope and love we will see a new normal.

Most importantly, if you see something, say something.  Call 911.

Please keep Social Distancing while walking in the neighborhood.  Please follow the CDC guidelines.
Check in on your neighbor even if it’s just a call that asks, “How are you doing?”   This is a very tough time for everyone.   A smiling face can make all the difference.

****Again Please make sure you send your cell phone and e-mail with an approval to use for neighborhood emergency or timely information. You can send by text to 407-435-7043 or

It would be nice if all blocks in FWC can have captains for each street. So if you would like to volunteer, let me know.

I can’t stress enough that in today’s environment, which seems to be ever changing, how important it is for us to look out for each other.

A Big Congratulations to all of our recent Graduates ! Always remember your accomplishments. May all your dreams come true.

A big thank you to all of our essential workers ! We appreciate all that you do.
Also, I wish to thank many people who are doing wonderful things for neighbors and helping during this difficult time.

It’s time to sign off as your President for the last time. It has been a privilege to hold a position on the Fairway Cove HOA Board.

My thoughts are with each one of you to –
Stay Safe.
Stay Healthy.
Be watchful and helpful.
May God Bless Us All.


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