Hurricane Irma update from Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC)

Hi, Neighbors – I want to update you on OUC’s efforts ahead of Hurricane Irma. We are working diligently to staff up to 10 times our normal crews. Line techs and tree trimmers from as far away as Ohio, Michigan and Massachusetts have already arrived to assist with power restoration following the storm.

We expect prolonged outages due to heavy winds and rain that the area hasn’t seen in nearly a decade. Even though 65 percent of our system is underground, we expect a significant impact from damaged trees. They not only take down lines, but block roads and make it more difficult for us to restore power.

As far as water is concerned, we are taking precautions to ensure we maintain water quality, but recommend you fill your tubs and sinks and have plenty of bottled water on hand.

Also, please stay far from downed power lines. Just because they look insulated, they may not be.

It’s imperative that you prepare yourself and your families. In your planning, please ensure you update your contact information via or 407-423-9018 (Orlando/Orange County), 407-957-7373 (St. Cloud/Osceola County. Please also jot down your OUC account number. This will speed the process of outage reporting.

Crews will remain in the field until it is unsafe to do so. Once winds reach 35 mph, our crews will take cover and ride out the storm. When the storm passes, we will begin assessing damage and restoring power as quickly and safely as possible.

OUC restores power first to essential services such as hospitals, and fire/police departments, then moves to lines feeding the largest amount of customers. If you rely on electricity for medical purposes, please go to your nearest emergency shelter to ride out the storm. You can find these shelters via your county government website.

To report outages:

• 407-423-9018 (Orange/Orange County)

• 407-957-7373 (St. Cloud/Osceola County)

For up-to-date OUC storm information, please visit:

Please stay safe and rest assured we are making preparations to restore services as quickly and safely as possible.

Your friends at OUC


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