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Garbage Collection
Mailbox Repair
Crime Prevention Tips
Street Lamps & Sidewalks
Replacement of Oak Trees
Fining Notice of Procedure
Street Signs
Sidewalk Maintenance
Cold Weather Recovery for Landscaping

Garbage, Refuse, Recycle Items & Lawn Waste Collection

Put garbage out, in official City of Orlando bins after 5 p.m. on MONDAY for pickup on TUESDAY morning. (NOTE that due to a recent schedule change, garbage is now picked up only ONE day a week.)

Put recycle items out in official Orlando recycling bins after 5 p.m. every THURSDAY for pickup on FRIDAY mornings.

NOTE: Here is the link for the official Orlando recycling bin pickup schedule for 2017:

Put bundled or bagged lawn refuse on your curb TUESDAY after 5 p.m. for pick up on WEDNESDAY morning.

NOTE: Please do not leave lawn waste in the street. Even if bagged, lawn waste is supposed to be kept on the grass next to the curb, but not protruding into the street, according to Orlando regulations. In recent years, there have been several near misses involving vehicles and even pedestrians due to excessive placement of lawn waste on the street. Please be mindful of the safety of others by bagging your lawn waste, and keeping it off the streets.

NOTE:  More information on the schedules we are all asked to adhere to can be found here.

Mailbox Repair and Replacement

There are two mailboxes of identical appearance, one metal and one hard plastic, approved for use in Fairway Cove:

For a metal mailbox, the “P60-M1” style mailbox in the “Estate Collection” from Creative Mailbox and Sign Designs is approved for use in Fairway Cove. A new mailbox costs roughly $235. The post is $79 and a double bracket for side-by-side mailboxes costs $95. Installation of the box itself is $35. For both the box and post, the installation is $80. (These prices do not include tax and may be outdated). They can be found at Creative Mailboxes and Sign Design or (800) 804-4809.

Alternately, a hard plastic mailbox of identical appearance is available from Postal Products Unlimited. It is their “1812 Architectural Mailbox” in black, item # n1021786 for $110 including $30 shipping (you will then need to install it). Because the spacing of the holes in our mounting posts varies, you will need to measure the current spacing and give them this information so they can pre-drill the mounting holes in the mailbox (their standard is four holes, 3.5 inches apart, whereas most currently installed mailboxes have a different configuration). Go to their website or call(800) 450-0015.

Crime Prevention Tips

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Thank you for all that you do to make Fairway Cove a wonderful place to live. Our neighborhood is a desirable place to reside and our increasing property values certainly reflect this.

Fairway Cove has always been a safe area. On that note, we would like to ask for your cooperation to ensure it stays that way.

1. If you see a crime or suspicious activity OR if you are the victim of a crime, report it to the police immediately. Please do no hesitate to contact the authorities as time is of the essence.

2. Keep your home illuminated with ambient lighting or motion detectors. A dark home or driveway becomes an easier target for criminal activity. Also, if you notice a street light is not working properly, report this to the city.

3. If at all possible, park your vehicles in the garage or driveway. Recently, vandals smashed the windows of cars parked in the street. Also, please lock your car doors at night and set the alarm if applicable.

4. Please collect your mail on a daily basis. If you will be out of town, ask a neighbor to check your mailbox. Or request that USPS holds you mail until your return.

5. Finally, if a crime or attempted crime occurs, please inform your neighbors, our Security Guard, and a member of the Board of Directors. By sharing the information, it makes other neighbors more aware of the situation and promotes more watchful eyes.

We thank you for your diligence to this important matter. With your cooperation, we can continue to keep Fairway Cove a top notch neighborhood.


FWC Board of Directors

Street Lamps & Sidewalks

If you notice a street lamp not working properly, please call 823-9150 to report it.The city of Orlando will fix sidewalks if they are cracked or lifting. Please call 407-246-2238.

Replacement of Oaks

Each lot should have two Laurel Oak trees by the sidewalk. The city will replace the trees at no cost if they are sick or missing. Just call 407-246-2283.

Also, if you call this number months in advance, you can have your right of way trees trimmed for free. The waiting list is about three months long; so do not wait until the last minute. Remember though, the trees are your responsibility and if the Mgmt Co. asks you to trim them, you must cooperate.

We insist upon this because it really is a safety concern. Limbs hanging down too low may hurt a person walking on our sidewalks and even driving by.

Fining Notice of Procedure

Here are the Fining Notice and Procedures from the Covenants Compliance Committee:

All homeowners of the neighborhood are obligated to follow the restrictions of the covenants of which we read and understand prior to the purchase of our homes.  The association has legally (and not by choice) been put in place to enforce the covenants, which help maintain and raise our property values.

Each resident not in compliance with any of the covenants will receive a letter from the management company describing the violation(s). The homeowner has 30 days to respond to the notice. If a satisfactory response is not made, the homeowner will receive another letter via certified mail. At this time, they will have 15 days to respond. If there is still no satisfactory response, the homeowners will be required to appear before the fining committee and state their case.

If the committee levies the fine, the homeowner will owe the fine immediately.  Fines may be imposed up to $100 per day with a maximum of $1,000 per violation. Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month at a neighborhood location to be disclosed. Homeowners may bring an attorney with them when they appear before the committee.

The purpose of this procedure is not to aggravate our fellow neighbors, but to maintain the beautiful neighborhood we all love.  So please don’t make our management company, board members or the Fining Committee go through any extra work or money trying to enforce the rules we all agreed to prior to purchasing our homes.  For every violation that goes un-remedied, it costs all of us homeowners money with legal bills and management fees. We all know that sometimes housework can get away from us, but let’s not allow it to cost all of us unneeded time and money. Make the requested repairs when you receive a letter from the management company.

Let’s keep our neighborhood happy and beautiful.

Street Signs

Our street signs serve several purposes.  The first and most important is for emergency (Fire, Ambulance and Police) services to quickly locate a house. In the past year, many of the street signs in our neighborhood have become embarrassingly dirty with mildew, fungus and mold; and, some are even blocked with tree branches.

Even though it is the city’s responsibility to keep these signs readable, it is way down on their priority list and guaranteed not to be handled by our Public Works Department, (I know because I inquired).  The street signs are a representation of our neighborhood; and, in their present state, make our neighborhood look old and run down which will affect all our property values.

Locate the nearest street sign to your house and take a few minutes and cut any tree branches blocking it and/or grab a bottle a bleach and spray the signs which will return them pristine and help them serve their purpose, as well as keeping our neighborhood looking clean and fresh. Your immediate neighbors as well as all the residents will be grateful for your efforts.

Let’s Keep Our Sidewalks Safe and Clean

As you walk or drive around the neighborhood, you can’t help but notice that some of our sidewalks are really getting green with mildew, fungus and mold.  This makes for very unsafe walking conditions for children and passersby (with residents possibly being legally liable), not to mention very unsightly.

As part of the city code, residents are required to maintain the sidewalks surrounding their property. Bleach poured on the areas followed by rinsing with a hose can zap the green growth away in no time and turn them pristine and safe once again.

Cold Weather Recovery for Landscaping 

We were fortunate that Central Florida was not hit with repeated hard freezes as compared to some past winters. For the most part, everyone’s landscaping should have fared the cold weather with minimum damage. With spring approaching, the following few tips can help your yard completely recover:

  •   Inspect plants to see what is dead or alive. Scrape into the bark of trees, shrubs and stems of flowering perennials. If area under the bark is bright green or yellowish, it is alive and capable of growth so you can leave it alone. If it is brown, prune it back.
  •   If your palms suffered leaf burn, prune only stems that are completely brown.
  •   Don’t give up on plants that were affected severely by the cold. They will need several warm months to begin growth from shoots near the ground.
  •   This month is a good time of year to plant new trees and shrubs.
  •   Now is also the appropriate time to re-establish 3- to 4-inch mulch layers around trees and shrubs (add to existing mulch). Mulch is vital because it releases nutrients, helps control weeds and conserves moisture.
  •   Lawns will begin to green as spring returns. Make sure turf has adequate moisture to produce new growth. Feeding is now recommended as well as a pre-emergence herbicide to control weeds.
  •   It is never too early to get prepared for next winter. Now is a good time to collect blankets and boxes for future plant protection.

On a related note, spring is also a good time to spruce up the total appearance of our homes by planting new landscaping, trimming and shaping our trees and bushes, and don’t forget the sidewalks around our houses. When you see them become green or dark, that means fungus and/or mold has grown on them; which, is not only unpleasant to look at, but slippery and dangerous to you and passersby. Bleach poured on the areas followed by rinsing with a hose can zap the green growth away in no time and turn them pristine and safe once again. (Source: The Orlando Sentinel)

As hurricane season quickly approaches, our Fairway Cove landscaping company would like to bring our attention to a serious issue concerning all of our sidewalk trees —   known as a “Popsicle Stick” effect.  This occurs when the tops of the trees are shaped like popsicles preventing the wind from blowing through them. If strong winds occur, our beautiful trees could blow over, which has already happened to the willow trees at the front entrance.

The solution is what is known as a clean out.  This is when you literally trim the interior branches so sunlight can be seen through the trees and the wind can blow through the branches. A qualified tree trimmer can perform this service for approximately $50-$75 per tree. Let’s all do our part to keep our beautiful trees healthy and our property values growing.