A Message from your HOA Board

We are saddened to say last Thursday evening @10:20pm a home was broken into on Mission Ridge by removing the back sliding door. No alarm. Perpetrator stole money & assaulted the homeowner. Another person in another bedroom called for help. Homeowner convinced the thief to go to the garage with her at which time the police arrived, which was very soon after call. He ran but was apprehended at Raleigh and 7-Eleven. Please, please lock your doors and set your alarms. We are neighbors who look out for one another. Please reach out and speak to your neighbors, watch for package deliveries, and for anything suspicious call 911.

Please text or e-mail Paul Smith your name, # & e-mail if you would like to be part of our Neighborhood Watch to help keep our neighborhood safe.  Text: 407-461-2041 or email:pas93050@att.net.

We wish you and your families and safe and Happy Holiday Season.

Helen, Joanne, Toni & Michelle

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